Thursday, December 9, 2010

iVdopia's InWAP and PreWAP Ads Go Social

InWAP Video Ads on airG mobile website
The largest mobile social entertainment provider, airG ( has partnered with iVdopia to bring InWAP and PreWAP mobile video advertising solutions to its mobile website.

With video and rich media ads having never been done before on the mobile web, iVdopias InWAP and PreWAP ads open up an entire avenue of monetizable inventory for publishers. airG reaches more than 50 million unique users worldwide and is interconnected to more than 100 mobile operators and media companies. This collaboration allows airG to incorporate iVdopias InWAP and PreWAP video and rich media ads for the first time on the mobile web, optimizing for maximum ad revenue and fill across its social entertainment products. 
Here's what Chhavi Upadhyay, COO, iVdopia had to say: “airG is the first among many mobile web publishers who have expressed interest in increasing their mobile advertising opportunities through our InWAP and PreWAP video ads. airG powers one of the largest communities on mobile phones for millions of people across the world. Combined with premium video and rich media WAP ad formats from iVdopia, our high-performance mobile video solutions powerfully convey relevant advertising to airG users, enabling airG to increase the volume and scalability of its entire mobile web inventory.
“When you combine iVdopia’s rich media and video interstitials with airG’s global audience and demographic targeting, we are able to achieve our goal of delivering relevant and engaging advertising to consumers,” said Dejan Mirkovic, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development, airG.  “iVdopia’s premium InWAP and PreWAP video and rich media advertising formats delivers real value to our end users.”
So are you a publisher with a mobile website? You can now incorporate InWAP and PreWAP ads with the iVdopia API compatible with HTML5 browsers like Safari and Chrome. For more information, visit


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Passionate iPhone Developer? iVdopia is now hiring

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer - Client Technologies
Location: San Jose, California
Job Type: Full Time

If you love creating robust, efficient apps/middleware for the coolest mobile devices we have an exciting high-imact opportunity for you!
  • Good understanding of computer science concepts including algorithms (in particular searching, sorting and data retrieval), data structures, operating systems, database systems, and networking.
  • Deep expertise in mobile app development for Android or iPhone
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • A flexible attitude with a focus on getting stuff done.
  • A strong work ethic and a proven ability to deliver challenging projects on time
Job Responsibilities:
  • Designing / Implementing iVdopia advertising SDKs for all mobile platforms (with focus on iPhone and Android)
  • Creating new innovative ad formats for mobile devices
  • Ensuring the highest code quality across all platforms - point responsibility for the robustness and efficiency of the SDKs
  • Thorough understanding of resource constraints of mobile devices and techniques to deal with them.
  • Experience at establishing processes to ensure high software quality
  • Expertise at creating flexible APIs that are easy to extend 
Minimum Education:
Masters or Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent.

iVdopia is the largest video and rich media mobile ad network in the US today. As a revenue-stage startup, we're growing dynamically and count the top 50 brand advertisers as clients. After closing a multi-million Series A round of funding with a leading VC, iVdopia is looking to expand its engineering team.

Apply to with the Job Title in the subject line.