Thursday, November 18, 2010

Forget Apps, It's Now Video Advertising on WAP!

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iVdopia debuts the world's first HTML5 video and rich media ads for the mobile web - InWAP™  and PreWAP™.

Now for the first time in mobile advertising, brand advertisers will have access to the vast number of audiences that access the internet from their mobile web browser – and not just from Smartphone devices – but from hundreds of other feature phones that currently populate the U.S. market.

WAP advertising so far has been restricted to static image banners and textual links, which lack the ability to create strong user engagement and interactivity. With InWAP and PreWAP ad formats, advertisers can now engage users on WAP sites with dynamic video and interactive rich media ads - with interaction rates as high as 0.7 - 0.9 percent!

Powered by HTML5 technology, the InWAP and PreWAP video ad formats are served using iVdopia's HTML5 video ad-serving platform, V5 and offers a variety of customized animated effects from Future5, iVdopia's HTML5 ad-authoring tool. 

InWAP and PreWAP video ads can be combined with the Talk2Me landing page, to offer custom engagements for users to share on social media sites, email, view multiple videos and interact with the brand's mobile website. All this takes place right within the phone's browser, and the user can choose to opt out from the ad and continue browsing the WAP site.

Quick facts on WAP:

  • 80 - 97 Million : Number of Mobile Web users estimated by experts
  • 13 - 34 years : Age demographic driving WAP usage on mobiles
  • 110% : Growth in Mobile Web consumption last year
  • Apple and Android : Mobile Web usage highest in Apple and Android devices
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

iVdopia's Mobile Video Ads Drive DVD Sales for Corpse Princess

Oh yes! Video advertising can drive DVD sales too. We've revealed the results of our latest interactive mobile video advertising campaign for FUNimation Entertainment's launch of the Corpse Princess DVD release.

Like many brand advertisers who turn to iVdopia for beyond-the-banner mobile advertising solutions, we once again demonstrated how powerful video's branding effectiveness can be in delivering tangible results. Check out a demo below of the Corpse Princess mobile video campaign that ran on iPhone and Android devices:

Uploaded by vdopia. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

The video and rich media mobile campaign ran for the entire month of September (read more in Mobile Marketer) targeting a niche audience of young men and women interested in anime across Smartphone devices on multiple-platforms like iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.

Results showed that video delivered a whopping interaction rate of 7.44% CTR, while from the Talk2Me ad engagements, 57% of users clicked to watch more Corpse Princess videos, 18% clicked to share them on Twitter, 10% on Facebook and 9% on email. Average view time for the video was 12.41 seconds (that's 83% of the video ad seen by users).

We loved what iVdopia did for our Corpse Princess campaign,” said Gina Marie Alioto, Marketing Brand Manager at FUNimation Entertainment. “They ‘got’ it! They know our target demographics and that our fans are early adopters who live on their mobile devices. iVdopia’s advertising made our campaign viral by feeding into their growing appetite for rich media that they could enjoy and share – and in the end, we’ve seen a positive effect on DVD sales!.”

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to Mobile Video Advertising AdMob & iAd!

Dear AdMob & iAd,

Congratulations on serving your first interactive video ads on Android & iPhone devices!

Great to be here isn't it? We know what it feels like to serve these amazing video ads on Smartphone devices. We were the first to launch mobile video advertising solutions - much before October 2010!

iVdopia has been pioneering video advertising solutions across all Smartphone devices since 2009, with innovations in Pre-App Video ads, full-page Interactive Video Ad formats, Video Interstitials, Social Media Enabled Video ads and even HTML5 powered video ad formats.

iVdopia was the first to serve engaging video ads to over 40 Million users across multiple-platforms supporting Smartphone devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

What's more, as pioneers in video for over two years, we remain focused on delivering the best technological solutions and creative expertise in video advertising. iVdopia provides the quickest delivery times for executing campaigns - within 48 hours - and unrestricted ability to target any Smartphone device.

So we're glad to finally see some healthy competition in the mobile video advertising arena! Once again, welcome to interactive mobile video ads AdMob & iAd. If you're looking for more inspiration, visit our product gallery right here