Thursday, October 28, 2010

iVdopia Turns Profitable in 2010

What a phenomenal year 2010 has been for iVdopia. We're not only the LARGEST video and rich media mobile ad network, but also the FASTEST growing mobile video ad network!

Earlier this month, we announced that iVdopia turned profitable after experiencing record growth in advertising revenues last quarter: a 400% increase in quarter-over-quarter earnings received from advertising dollars spent on our video and rich media mobile advertising formats.

With operations that began in early 2009 with just a handful of mobile advertising campaigns running on our ad network, iVdopia today runs multiple video and rich media mobile ad campaigns for the top 25 brand advertisers across its vast network of over 15,000 premium apps and WAP sites.

The successful adoption of iVdopia’s HTML5 video and rich media ad solutions, like the Future5 the first HTML5 ad-authoring tool and V5 the first HTML5 video ad platform, has helped advertisers provide a unified ad experience across multiple Smartphone devices.

Audience reach on iVdopia's mobile video and rich media ad network has grown by 150% since 2009.

With four offices in the country and a global team of 50 employees, we are looking to aggressively expand in the forthcoming months, with plans to add new office locations, recruit staff and expand business to the Far East and APAC regions.

Here's a look at iVdopia Milestones in 2010:

  • Jan: Talk2Me Ad launched, the first social media ads for mobile phones
  • Feb: Debuts Pre-App and In-App advertising for iPhone and Android mobile devices
  • Apr: Introduces the first High Definition video ads on iPad
  • Jun: Launches new mobile video ad format, Viper ads
  • Jun: Introduces Future5, the first HTML5 ad-authoring solution
  • Jul: Launches V5, the first HTML5 video ad platform to provide a unified video ad experience across all Smartphone devices
  • Sep: 1 Billion Rich Media Ad Impressions and 100 Million Video Ad Impressions served
  • Oct: Social Media Ad Unit ‘Talk2Me’ outperforms industry benchmarks by 400%
  • Oct: iVdopia increases publisher revenues by 250% within a year
It's been an incredible journey since we started out in 2009: over eight mobile video ad innovations, 400% jump in quarter-over-quarter earnings and a hundred million video ad impressions and a billion rich media ad impressions served on Smartphones.

Time to celebrate!

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