Friday, June 18, 2010

iVdopia now powers Jumptap's mobile video ad business

We can’t keep such a great thing all to ourselves.

In our newly forged partnership with Jumptap, iVdopia will provide its Pre-App mobile advertising solutions to the independent mobile ad network, helping to further extend our reach of mobile video technology more than ever before.

This pairing teams up two significant players at a time when competition is building in the mobile advertising field. iVdopia, with more than 100 million pre-roll impressions, is joining forces to reach even more mobile video customers and enable users to enjoy the most engaging and powerful mobile advertising available. Providing Pre-App interstitials to Jumptap allows an even larger audience to experience our string of revolutionary breakthroughs in mobile advertising formats.

As video on mobile continues to claim a larger slice of the pie, iVdopia is delivering the most advanced solutions to advertisers, agencies, app developers and publishers and now even to its new partner.

We’re pleased how that this partnership opens doors to an even larger audience for iVdopia while firmly placing us as the largest mobile video and rich media ad network.

-Chhavi Upadhyay

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