Thursday, December 9, 2010

iVdopia's InWAP and PreWAP Ads Go Social

InWAP Video Ads on airG mobile website
The largest mobile social entertainment provider, airG ( has partnered with iVdopia to bring InWAP and PreWAP mobile video advertising solutions to its mobile website.

With video and rich media ads having never been done before on the mobile web, iVdopias InWAP and PreWAP ads open up an entire avenue of monetizable inventory for publishers. airG reaches more than 50 million unique users worldwide and is interconnected to more than 100 mobile operators and media companies. This collaboration allows airG to incorporate iVdopias InWAP and PreWAP video and rich media ads for the first time on the mobile web, optimizing for maximum ad revenue and fill across its social entertainment products. 
Here's what Chhavi Upadhyay, COO, iVdopia had to say: “airG is the first among many mobile web publishers who have expressed interest in increasing their mobile advertising opportunities through our InWAP and PreWAP video ads. airG powers one of the largest communities on mobile phones for millions of people across the world. Combined with premium video and rich media WAP ad formats from iVdopia, our high-performance mobile video solutions powerfully convey relevant advertising to airG users, enabling airG to increase the volume and scalability of its entire mobile web inventory.
“When you combine iVdopia’s rich media and video interstitials with airG’s global audience and demographic targeting, we are able to achieve our goal of delivering relevant and engaging advertising to consumers,” said Dejan Mirkovic, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development, airG.  “iVdopia’s premium InWAP and PreWAP video and rich media advertising formats delivers real value to our end users.”
So are you a publisher with a mobile website? You can now incorporate InWAP and PreWAP ads with the iVdopia API compatible with HTML5 browsers like Safari and Chrome. For more information, visit


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Passionate iPhone Developer? iVdopia is now hiring

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer - Client Technologies
Location: San Jose, California
Job Type: Full Time

If you love creating robust, efficient apps/middleware for the coolest mobile devices we have an exciting high-imact opportunity for you!
  • Good understanding of computer science concepts including algorithms (in particular searching, sorting and data retrieval), data structures, operating systems, database systems, and networking.
  • Deep expertise in mobile app development for Android or iPhone
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • A flexible attitude with a focus on getting stuff done.
  • A strong work ethic and a proven ability to deliver challenging projects on time
Job Responsibilities:
  • Designing / Implementing iVdopia advertising SDKs for all mobile platforms (with focus on iPhone and Android)
  • Creating new innovative ad formats for mobile devices
  • Ensuring the highest code quality across all platforms - point responsibility for the robustness and efficiency of the SDKs
  • Thorough understanding of resource constraints of mobile devices and techniques to deal with them.
  • Experience at establishing processes to ensure high software quality
  • Expertise at creating flexible APIs that are easy to extend 
Minimum Education:
Masters or Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent.

iVdopia is the largest video and rich media mobile ad network in the US today. As a revenue-stage startup, we're growing dynamically and count the top 50 brand advertisers as clients. After closing a multi-million Series A round of funding with a leading VC, iVdopia is looking to expand its engineering team.

Apply to with the Job Title in the subject line.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Forget Apps, It's Now Video Advertising on WAP!

Click to view demo
iVdopia debuts the world's first HTML5 video and rich media ads for the mobile web - InWAP™  and PreWAP™.

Now for the first time in mobile advertising, brand advertisers will have access to the vast number of audiences that access the internet from their mobile web browser – and not just from Smartphone devices – but from hundreds of other feature phones that currently populate the U.S. market.

WAP advertising so far has been restricted to static image banners and textual links, which lack the ability to create strong user engagement and interactivity. With InWAP and PreWAP ad formats, advertisers can now engage users on WAP sites with dynamic video and interactive rich media ads - with interaction rates as high as 0.7 - 0.9 percent!

Powered by HTML5 technology, the InWAP and PreWAP video ad formats are served using iVdopia's HTML5 video ad-serving platform, V5 and offers a variety of customized animated effects from Future5, iVdopia's HTML5 ad-authoring tool. 

InWAP and PreWAP video ads can be combined with the Talk2Me landing page, to offer custom engagements for users to share on social media sites, email, view multiple videos and interact with the brand's mobile website. All this takes place right within the phone's browser, and the user can choose to opt out from the ad and continue browsing the WAP site.

Quick facts on WAP:

  • 80 - 97 Million : Number of Mobile Web users estimated by experts
  • 13 - 34 years : Age demographic driving WAP usage on mobiles
  • 110% : Growth in Mobile Web consumption last year
  • Apple and Android : Mobile Web usage highest in Apple and Android devices
Still looking for more? Drop us an email on advertisers at ivdopia dot com

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

iVdopia's Mobile Video Ads Drive DVD Sales for Corpse Princess

Oh yes! Video advertising can drive DVD sales too. We've revealed the results of our latest interactive mobile video advertising campaign for FUNimation Entertainment's launch of the Corpse Princess DVD release.

Like many brand advertisers who turn to iVdopia for beyond-the-banner mobile advertising solutions, we once again demonstrated how powerful video's branding effectiveness can be in delivering tangible results. Check out a demo below of the Corpse Princess mobile video campaign that ran on iPhone and Android devices:

Uploaded by vdopia. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

The video and rich media mobile campaign ran for the entire month of September (read more in Mobile Marketer) targeting a niche audience of young men and women interested in anime across Smartphone devices on multiple-platforms like iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.

Results showed that video delivered a whopping interaction rate of 7.44% CTR, while from the Talk2Me ad engagements, 57% of users clicked to watch more Corpse Princess videos, 18% clicked to share them on Twitter, 10% on Facebook and 9% on email. Average view time for the video was 12.41 seconds (that's 83% of the video ad seen by users).

We loved what iVdopia did for our Corpse Princess campaign,” said Gina Marie Alioto, Marketing Brand Manager at FUNimation Entertainment. “They ‘got’ it! They know our target demographics and that our fans are early adopters who live on their mobile devices. iVdopia’s advertising made our campaign viral by feeding into their growing appetite for rich media that they could enjoy and share – and in the end, we’ve seen a positive effect on DVD sales!.”

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to Mobile Video Advertising AdMob & iAd!

Dear AdMob & iAd,

Congratulations on serving your first interactive video ads on Android & iPhone devices!

Great to be here isn't it? We know what it feels like to serve these amazing video ads on Smartphone devices. We were the first to launch mobile video advertising solutions - much before October 2010!

iVdopia has been pioneering video advertising solutions across all Smartphone devices since 2009, with innovations in Pre-App Video ads, full-page Interactive Video Ad formats, Video Interstitials, Social Media Enabled Video ads and even HTML5 powered video ad formats.

iVdopia was the first to serve engaging video ads to over 40 Million users across multiple-platforms supporting Smartphone devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

What's more, as pioneers in video for over two years, we remain focused on delivering the best technological solutions and creative expertise in video advertising. iVdopia provides the quickest delivery times for executing campaigns - within 48 hours - and unrestricted ability to target any Smartphone device.

So we're glad to finally see some healthy competition in the mobile video advertising arena! Once again, welcome to interactive mobile video ads AdMob & iAd. If you're looking for more inspiration, visit our product gallery right here


Thursday, October 28, 2010

iVdopia Turns Profitable in 2010

What a phenomenal year 2010 has been for iVdopia. We're not only the LARGEST video and rich media mobile ad network, but also the FASTEST growing mobile video ad network!

Earlier this month, we announced that iVdopia turned profitable after experiencing record growth in advertising revenues last quarter: a 400% increase in quarter-over-quarter earnings received from advertising dollars spent on our video and rich media mobile advertising formats.

With operations that began in early 2009 with just a handful of mobile advertising campaigns running on our ad network, iVdopia today runs multiple video and rich media mobile ad campaigns for the top 25 brand advertisers across its vast network of over 15,000 premium apps and WAP sites.

The successful adoption of iVdopia’s HTML5 video and rich media ad solutions, like the Future5 the first HTML5 ad-authoring tool and V5 the first HTML5 video ad platform, has helped advertisers provide a unified ad experience across multiple Smartphone devices.

Audience reach on iVdopia's mobile video and rich media ad network has grown by 150% since 2009.

With four offices in the country and a global team of 50 employees, we are looking to aggressively expand in the forthcoming months, with plans to add new office locations, recruit staff and expand business to the Far East and APAC regions.

Here's a look at iVdopia Milestones in 2010:

  • Jan: Talk2Me Ad launched, the first social media ads for mobile phones
  • Feb: Debuts Pre-App and In-App advertising for iPhone and Android mobile devices
  • Apr: Introduces the first High Definition video ads on iPad
  • Jun: Launches new mobile video ad format, Viper ads
  • Jun: Introduces Future5, the first HTML5 ad-authoring solution
  • Jul: Launches V5, the first HTML5 video ad platform to provide a unified video ad experience across all Smartphone devices
  • Sep: 1 Billion Rich Media Ad Impressions and 100 Million Video Ad Impressions served
  • Oct: Social Media Ad Unit ‘Talk2Me’ outperforms industry benchmarks by 400%
  • Oct: iVdopia increases publisher revenues by 250% within a year
It's been an incredible journey since we started out in 2009: over eight mobile video ad innovations, 400% jump in quarter-over-quarter earnings and a hundred million video ad impressions and a billion rich media ad impressions served on Smartphones.

Time to celebrate!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

iVdopia is now hiring!

iVdopia is the largest video and rich media mobile ad network in the US today. As a revenue-stage startup, we're growing dynamically and count the top 50 brand advertisers as clients.
After closing a multi-million Series A round of funding with a leading VC, iVdopia is looking to expand its engineering team:

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer - Client Technologies
Location: San Jose, California
Job Type: Full Time

Primary responsibilities:
  • Designing / implementing iVdopia advertising SDKs for all mobile platforms (with focus on iPhone and Android)
  • Creating new innovative ad formats for mobile devices
  • Ensuring the highest code quality across all platforms
  • Responsible for the robustness and efficiency of the SDKs

  • A solid grounding in Computer Science fundamentals (based on a BS or MS in CS or related field)
  • Hands-on expertise in many disparate technologies, typically ranging from front-end user interfaces through to back-end systems and all points in between
  • Experience developing commercial or personal mobile applications
  • Experience with mobile platforms; iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, etc.
  • Ability to learn new technologies and work in a fast paced start-up environment
  • Objective-C and Cocoa development experience is a plus.
We expect every member of the team to help us go in new directions and do new things! If this resonates with you, then apply to with the job title in the subject line.

Monday, October 18, 2010

App Developer Speak: Garry Kitchen, AppStar

At iVdopia, we understand what thousands of app developers and publishers are looking for: strong revenue streams and monetized content.

With a network of 15,000 app developers and WAP sites, iVdopia drives the highest publisher revenues in the mobile advertising market (as featured in Mobile Marketing Watch):
  • We've increased publisher revenues by 250%
  • eCPMs are 166% higher than the industry average
  • 100% fill rates
  • Largest range of video and rich media ad formats

Here's a look at one of the many app developers we've helped monetize: AppStar Games. Their independent apps, Iron Horse and Fling Pong, are available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. iVdopia chats with AppStar CEO, Garry Kitchen:
  • When was AppStar founded? How did it start?
Garry: AppStar was founded on Feb 1, 2010 by leading game veterans with over 20 years of experience: David Crane, Bill Wentworth, Roger Booth and myself.

  • What inspired AppStar to create game apps? What makes you'll different?
Garry: Our differentiating factor is our experience. David Crane was the co-founder of Activision, the first third-party video game publisher. In February, coinciding with the founding of AppStar, David was honored as the first recipient of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Pioneer Award for his groundbreaking career in video games. You don't get more experienced than that!

  • How big is the AppStar team? Are you'll funded?
Garry: At the moment, we have a staff of less than ten, which we supplement with freelance talent when necessary. We have been self funded to date, but are currently fundraising for our Series A.

  • Any advice for other app developers out there?
Garry: Quality, quality, quality! Take the time and make it great. In the competitive app world, there is no room for mediocre.

  • Why did you chose to work with iVdopia?
Garry: We like the quality we've experienced with iVdopia's technology. We have been impressed by the list of brand advertisers that iVdopia's consistently brings to the publisher community.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

iVdopia in the Interactive Mix

Summer’s here and the time is right for . . . mixing!

Agencies and the online community were in full force at thinkLA’s Summer Interactive Mixer at the Custom Hotel in Los Angeles last week, and iVdopia made its presence felt with Ilise Welter, iVdopia’s head of West Coast Sales.

A slew of agencies and other vendors in the mobile and video advertising space –including Mindshare, Ignited and Universal McCann – kicked off summer by discussing what’s hot in mobile marketing. Much of the discussion centered on how business is picking up momentum and that advertisers this year are expressing a burgeoning interest in mobile marketing. iVdopia, the largest video and rich media mobile advertising network, was an ideal participant for the event sponsored by the Fox Audience Network.

Ilise showed off the latest iVdopia video and rich media ad demos from her mobile phone, including the recently launched Viper Ad for the film “Prince of Persia.” The highly interactive format showcases the new swipe effect, which with the swipe of a finger reveals a range of interactive options that lets the user do everything from purchase tickets to the movie featured in the ad to share the clip via Facebook or Twitter – all while staying within the application on their mobile device.

Ilise even grabbed a moment with Mark Papia, Senior VP of Sales for Fox Audience Network. If you're on the West Coast and looking to include mobile advertising in your media mix, contact illise at vdopia dot com.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

iVdopia Gets Social

Social app developers converged on the Palace Hotel in San Francisco on Tuesday for the first Social Developer Summit organized by Media Bistro – and iVdopia’s Chief Operating Officer Chhavi Upadhyay was on hand to talk about the monetization of applications through iVdopia’s vast ad network solutions.

The Social Developer Summit covered, appropriately enough, all things social, such as social news, social games, social discovery, social search and other social solutions that are charging developers with building instantly scalable products. Since it was iVdopia that introduced Talk2Me, the first social media ads available in mobile advertising, the company proved a perfect fit as Chhavi discussed with developers how to monetize apps for U.S. and South Asian audiences.

Talk2Me social ads, which provides 4 to 5 times better monetization than traditional banner ads, allows content sharing, syndication and cross-promotion, where the brand is integrated uniquely into video. Users can easily access Talk2Me by clicking the “Learn More” selection, which offers a range of features that allow advertisers to customize interactive actions in video ads like the social feature, that allows users to share ads with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Offering eCPMs higher than any other mobile ad network, thousands of apps have seen a steady stream of revenue from using iVdopia's monetization solutions: SGN's iBowl, Plusmo Sports Apps like Arcade Bowling Lite, Arcade Hoops Basketball Lite and Red Wind's Movie Challenge Lite

To learn more about app monetization opportunities visit

Friday, June 25, 2010

iVdopia Wins the Red Herring 100 North America Award

This week, iVdopia was honored to participate as a finalist competing in the Red Herring North America 2010 conference in San Diego, bringing together technology entrepreneurs, corporate strategists and VCs from across the country.

iVdopia founders Srikanth Kakani, CEO and Chhavi Upadhyay, COO participated in the 'Monetizing the Social Network' roundtable discussion, that highlighted how advertisers can take advantage of the growing number of active users on mobile social-networking sites. Speaking on revenue generation ideas and innovations in the mobile social networking space, Chhavi showcased iVdopia’s Talk2Me social video ads that generated high decibel buzz through sharing on social networking sites and drove ticket sales for the Universal sci-fi action film “Repo Men.”

But the real highlight of the event was when the Red Herring editorial team chose iVdopia as winner of the prestigious Red Herring 100 North America Award, recognizing the largest mobile and video rich media ad network as one of the 100 “most promising” companies driving the future of technology in the country.

Handpicked from over 200 finalists, iVdopia was the sole mobile ad network.

The company recently won the TiE50 2010 Award, as well the New York Venture Summit Top Innovator Award by youngStartup Ventures.

For more details, check for updates at the Red Herring site.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Announcing the new iPhone & iPad SDK; Gear up for iOS 4!

So the much awaited iOS 4 is finally here!

While the updates show interesting developments in multi-tasking, iAds, a game center and what have you with 1500 new APIs opened up to third-party developers - the iOS 4 also covers some familiar territory that app developers know all too well: the added hassle of updating.

We hear you app developers. But have no fear when iVdopia's SDK is here!

As our SDKs continue to provide the most compelling rich media and user engaging ad formats, we're excited to release an iPhone SDK that works with BOTH the 3.2 and 4.0 iPhone operating systems.

Now bring added value to your app inventory with our updated iPhone SDK, that's compatible with all the terrific features of the new iOS 4, and is designed to support iVdopia's unique rich media and video ad formats.

But wait! iVdopia's not done just yet.

For all you HD ad-lovers out there, iVdopia has just launched the iPad SDK out of Beta! Now have the best of both worlds as our iPad SDK will support ads served on the iPad and the new iOS 4 for the iPhone!

We've worked out numerous issues to make improved caching for flawless ad performance and maximum inventory utilization. All this means just better ways for you to manage and grow your app advertising revenue.

For more details, check out our Wiki:

- Srikanth

Keep up with the latest on what's going on at iVdopia. Follow us on

Friday, June 18, 2010

iVdopia now powers Jumptap's mobile video ad business

We can’t keep such a great thing all to ourselves.

In our newly forged partnership with Jumptap, iVdopia will provide its Pre-App mobile advertising solutions to the independent mobile ad network, helping to further extend our reach of mobile video technology more than ever before.

This pairing teams up two significant players at a time when competition is building in the mobile advertising field. iVdopia, with more than 100 million pre-roll impressions, is joining forces to reach even more mobile video customers and enable users to enjoy the most engaging and powerful mobile advertising available. Providing Pre-App interstitials to Jumptap allows an even larger audience to experience our string of revolutionary breakthroughs in mobile advertising formats.

As video on mobile continues to claim a larger slice of the pie, iVdopia is delivering the most advanced solutions to advertisers, agencies, app developers and publishers and now even to its new partner.

We’re pleased how that this partnership opens doors to an even larger audience for iVdopia while firmly placing us as the largest mobile video and rich media ad network.

-Chhavi Upadhyay

Thursday, June 17, 2010

iVdopia: A Finalist at Red Herring's North America Top 100 Award

We love to talk about all the great things happening here at iVdopia, but external validation – and we’re talking awards here! – speaks volumes.

That’s why we’re excited that iVdopia is one of the finalists for Red Herring's North America 100 Award, which honors the year’s most promising private technology ventures.

Selections for the Red Herring award are based on "technological innovation, management strength, market size, investor record, customer acquisition and financial health.” Participants are from a range of fields, including telecommunications, security, Web 2.0, software, hardware, biotech and clean tech industries – and iVdopia is the only mobile ad network to make the cut.

And that's not just enough to get us excited, we're presenting our winning strategies at the Red Herring North America Conference in San Diego on June 22-24, 2010. From the finalists, only 100 winners will be selected and announced at a special awards ceremony on June 24.

We're going in for the big win, so watch this space for more to follow.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iVdopia Launches first HD Video Ads on iPad

We are happy to write our first blog entry for iVdopia. iVdopia is the advanced mobile advertising platform and network, pioneering rich media and video advertising on smartphones, including Pre-App video and social networking options on smart mobile devices providing better monetization opportunities for app developers. iVdopia's brand-centric mobile advertising network and platform is used by top developers and brands such as Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers and Miller Lite to deliver premium advertising campaigns.

We are now introducing the first HD Video Ads for iPad. On this occasion we are inviting application developers, marketers and media planners to participate in an opportunity to WIN AN IPAD. Learn more about out innovative HD Video Ad offering and WIN AN IPAD.

While many mobile advertising companies are still trying to stream low quality video ads on mobile devices, iVdopia is proud to announce our innovative technology to deliver HD Video ads on iPad, continuing with our passion to provide brands with most engaging and innovative ad units in the industry.